Twenty five summers’ eyes

By elena, March 31, 2018

Far away from the dolour, miles away from the atrocious sunset we used to see, I was carrying with me my sword through the brume, to protect the dell of your heart, that fulgent, sempiternal heart that was beating next to me, wishing it was beating only for me.

Zephyr was passing through my hair as I was cleaving to your hand. I stared into your tenebrous, twenty five summers’ eyes and I saw inside them my realm. Imbrued from all the fights I gave to be next to you, my sword lied next to me, protecting now our magical tryst.

The bards were starting to sing and the Nymphs were waking up in the midst of the forest. And us, wayfarers, wanderers of a no man’s land, we were welcoming Aurora, celebrating the celerity of emotions that were born every time we held each other’s hands.



And I have seen all that you’ve seen

And I have been where you’ve been

No, our hands will never be clean

At least we can hold each other.

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